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2020; The positives

Just thinking about this year and the crazy events that have taken hold of all of our lives, I've decided to focus on a couple of the positives that have happened to me as 2020 draws to a close.....

Being accepted for an exhibition.

The Society of Women Artist's exhibition was one I could only have dreamed of being a part of, but feeling brave, I decided to submit this year.

I entered a small painting I'd completed one afternoon following a muddy walk on Two Tree Island. I hadn't shown anyone the painting and didn't even tell my husband I'd entered (as the black crow on my right shoulder was already telling me it was waste of time and money to even try)! I was, however, really happy with how this painting turned out. It was completed on a substrate I'd never used before, aqua board, which produced some interesting and unexpected results.

To my absolute amazement the painting was accepted and I am still pinching myself to see my work alongside some of my favourite British artists, the likes of Karen Stamper and Justine Lois Thorpe. If you haven't had a look yet, you can view the amazing work online until December 31st, click on the link above to get straight there!

What have I learned from this? To be brave when it feels right and aim high (as my Dad always used to say)!

The whole experience has actually resulted in a series of work all spiralling from that painting, including larger abstracts in fluid acrylics and charcoal drawings. There are some snippets of this work below.....


Becoming confident with social media and technology.

I used to hate the thought of social media, saw no point to it, but how wrong I've been proved! Of course, it can become overwhelming and dictating if you let it, but for me this year it's opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I've felt supported and encouraged by friends and strangers, but also I've been inspired by some amazing creatives from all over the world. I've come across artists such as Pamela Bates, Laura Horn, Louise Fletcher and Alice Sheridan. These artists have had a powerful impact on my art practice and mindset, I'm so grateful to have come across them!

What have I learned from this? It' ok to change your opinion about something and don't be scared of new things.

Investing in my own art development.

I've realised I can't do everything on my own, being an artist can be a lonely existence so I have invested in a couple of online courses this year, a coaching session (with Pamela Bates) and I've joined a gallery cooperative; The Two Tree Gallery in Leigh on Sea. These have all been of huge benefit, the online courses have lifetime access, so I can rewatch the lessons at my own pace. The coaching session was more about mindset, after years of lacking confidence it was priceless, funny and my best work has come out since!

Joining the Gallery has been extremely beneficial as I've been able to work alongside some talented and more established local artists. I feel extremely lucky to be part of this great group of creatives, there is a link to our website below...

What have I learned from this? Some things are worth investing in and why not- you only live once!

Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy 2021!


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