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The Nature Art Experiment- A 5 day Instagram Challenge.

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Using nature photography within the art process
Nature and Art

It's half term here in the South East of England, and I do love to set myself a challenge during the school holidays. I decided to see if I can try to find five new ways to incorporate plants into my art work, I recorded this under the hashtag #natureartexperiment on Instagram. I recorded a series of Reels to document theses experiments and wanted to record my findings in this blog.

Here goes...

-Using plants to help push and pull paint around can be a great way to loosen up and bring a bit unpredictability to the process.

-plants can make easy stencils. Use leaves on their own, or draw around them and create a stencil on thick paper or acetate.

-feathery plants, especially reeds, can make beautiful marks left within pools of fluid paint.

-use plants to imprint into gel mediums- they create lovely textures and lines.

-dry out your flowers. Crush up the petals and sprinkle into the wet paint or cold wax, they create beautiful texture and can add colour.

- I've also been collaging my nature photos into oil and cold wax- see above. These I am hoping to form part of a larger collection for this year's The Leigh Art Trail.

Thank you for reading my blog-if you want to see the full challenge please follow me on Instagram!

Find me at clairehankeyartist on IG.

Claire x

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