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5 ways to hang art in your home...

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

I've created a very simple guide to give you some ideas of how to hang original art within your home.

Contrast always looks good.

If you have a dark wall, a lighter coloured frame or painting always stands out and really can create impact when you walk into a room. Likewise, white walls are perfect for darker or more colourful pieces. Natural wooden frames can work on both light and dark interiors and have recently had a revival.

Art for the home office
Art for your home by Claire HANKEY

Have a statement piece.

Personally, I think there is nothing like a large painting to create atmosphere within a room! I always prefer the painting to guide the decor- once you have the painting installed you can accessorise with coloured glass vases or cushions if you want to tie the colour scheme together.

Place multiples together.

'Sibling' paintings hung together can look really beautiful. Some artists work in multiples or collections which makes it easy for you to select pieces that go together. My last collection 'Solstice' consisted of 14 artworks created with same colour palette, they could be placed together in different combinations and still feel harmonious.

Create a gallery wall.

I've added some examples above, gallery walls are a fantastic way to show your personality and add character to the family home. Anything goes; mix and match or work with a particular colour scheme in mind. I use command strips to make sure that the wall stays intact and also you can change around your display easily. Heavy pictures will need proper picture hooks though, so always check the weight first before using a self adhesive strip.

Art on a shelf.

Who says the art has to go on a wall? You can prop pictures onto shelves, window sills, ledges and mantelpieces. Deep box framed pieces will stand freely so there is no need to worry about the artwork falling over. The great thing about this way of displaying art is that you can move it around regularly!

I hope this has helped to give you some ideas on how to hang art within your home.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via my website below. I personally offer a service where I can hang the painting for you and assist you with where to position it, so if you are ever in doubt you can always ask!

Best wishes,


Claire Hankey in studio
Claire Hankey studio shot

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